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How to Make Money Renting Out Your Parking Space with Loop Parking

A simple, innovative solution for parking needs in Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, and Quebec City.

Are you tired of paying exorbitant parking fees and struggling to find a convenient parking spot in Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, or Quebec City? Well, Loop Parking has a solution for you. This innovative platform connects drivers with available parking spaces, helping you save money, make money, and park smarter. In this article, we will explore how you can make money by renting out your parking space with Loop Parking and how this platform can benefit both drivers and space owners.

What is Loop Parking?

Loop Parking, available at, is a user-friendly website that revolutionizes the way people approach parking. It provides a seamless platform for drivers to search, book, and even swap parking spaces, creating a win-win situation for all involved.

Instant Rent

One of the standout features of Loop Parking is "Instant Rent." Drivers can now find parking spots on demand, making their parking experience hassle-free and convenient. No more circling the block or worrying about where to leave your vehicle.


Loop Parking takes the concept of sharing economy to the next level with its "SpotSwap" feature. Here's how it works: if you have an unused parking space, you can list it on Loop Parking. In return, you can park for free in other drivers' spots when they're not in use. This feature not only helps you save money but also contributes to efficient space utilization in urban areas.

Free Parking

Toronto, with its bustling streets, is known for its scarcity of free parking spots. Loop Parking changes that with its "Free Parking" feature. You can now easily locate and park in free spots throughout the city using the SpotSwap feature.

Advantages of Using Loop Parking in Toronto

Now that you understand the key features of Loop Parking, let's delve into the advantages it offers to drivers in Toronto:

Save Money on Parking

Loop Parking provides various ways to save money on parking. The SpotSwap feature, which allows you to park for free in other users' spaces, is a game-changer. Imagine parking for free in premium locations around the city. That's money back in your pocket.

Find Convenient Parking

With a vast network of parking spots in Toronto, Loop Parking ensures that you can find a spot conveniently located near your destination. No more long walks or stressful searches for parking.

Park Smarter

Loop Parking offers features to help you park smarter. You can book parking spots in advance, ensuring you have a guaranteed spot when you need it. Additionally, the platform helps you locate free parking spots, helping you make the most cost-effective choice.

Making Money with Loop Parking

Now that we've covered the benefits for drivers, let's shift our focus to how you can make money by renting out your parking space through Loop Parking.

Listing Your Space

If you have an unused parking space, whether it's in a residential area or near a business district, you can list it on Loop Parking. Creating a listing is simple, and you have control over pricing and availability.

Earning Passive Income

Once your parking space is listed, drivers in your area can book it. You earn money each time someone uses your spot. This passive income stream can significantly offset your own parking expenses.

Flexible Options

Loop Parking offers flexibility in managing your listing. You can block out dates when you need your space, ensuring it's available when you require it.


In conclusion, Loop Parking is a game-changer in the world of parking. Whether you're a driver looking to save money and find convenient parking or a space owner seeking to make extra income, Loop Parking offers an innovative and user-friendly solution. Say goodbye to parking woes and hello to a smarter, more cost-effective way of parking in Toronto.


  1. Is Loop Parking available only in Toronto? No, Loop Parking is available in multiple cities, including Vancouver, Calgary, and Quebec City.

  2. How do I get started with Loop Parking as a driver? Simply visit, sign up, and start searching for parking spots or listing your own.

  3. Are there any fees for listing my parking space on Loop Parking? Loop Parking charges a small service fee when your space is booked, but there are no upfront fees to list your space.

  4. Can I trust the safety and security of my parking space when listed on Loop Parking? Yes, Loop Parking takes safety and security seriously and provides guidelines and support to ensure a secure experience for both drivers and space owners.

  5. How can I contact Loop Parking's customer support for assistance? You can reach out to Loop Parking's customer support team through their website or app for any inquiries or assistance you may need.

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