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Welcome To Loop SpotSwap Community

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Share & Park Everywhere - Save Money

Ready to swap your parking spots when it is not using ?

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- New parking culture

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What is SpotSwap ? 

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For just $9.99 per month you will get unlimited free parking with spotswap. 

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A SpotSwap is as simple as it sounds. You exchange your residential parking spot with another person in the loop community for parking.

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You get to choose your ideal spot for parking from thousands of parking spots in the community for free, owned by the happiest community members

How it Works

Step 1

Join SpotSwap


Sign Up Loop parking app and join SpotSwap community and list your residential spot for swap, when you are not using.

Step 2

Schedule Time


Schedule potential time when you can open your spot for swap. For example, 9 -5 when you go to work.

Step 3

Search Spot

to Swap 

When you search a spot to park, use Spotswap. And park for free. Your private spot will also get opened automatically for swapping


Step 4

Reserve your parking spot 

Search and find a desired spot and click swap to reserve the spot. Get directions and instructions where to park.

And Enjoy Free parking

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Join Our Community

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