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  • What is Instant Rent?
    Instant Rent is a feature provided by the Loop parking app that allows users to instantly rent out their driveway or private parking spots when they are not using them or you parked elsewhere. This feature helps you rent your driveway even if you have only one parking spot which you are using.
  • How does Instant Rent work?
    With Instant Rent, users can list their availability of parking spots instantly on the Loop parking app. Interested individuals can then browse the listings and book the parking spots for a specified duration. The app facilitates the rental process, making it quick and convenient for both parties.
  • Can I rent out multiple parking spots with Instant Rent?
    Yes, with Instant Rent on the Loop parking app, users have the flexibility to rent out multiple parking spots. Each parking spot can be listed individually on the app, allowing users to maximize their earning potential. However, it's important to note that all the parking spots should be in the same location. If you have parking spots in different locations, it is recommended to register them under separate accounts to manage them effectively.
  • How do I set the rental price for my parking spot?
    When listing your parking spot for Instant Rent, you will have the option to set the rental price. You can choose a price that you deem fair and competitive based on factors such as location, demand, and any additional amenities or services offered.
  • How do I receive payments for renting out my parking spot?
    The Loop parking app handles the payment process for rented parking spots. Once a booking is confirmed, the app securely processes the payment from the renter and transfers the earnings to your designated account holder's wallet within the app.
  • Can I specify the availability of my parking spot for Instant Rent?
    Yes, you can set the availability of your parking spot based on your preferences and schedule. The app allows you to specify the days and times when your parking spot is available for rent, ensuring flexibility and convenience.
  • Can I cancel an Instant Rent booking?
    While unforeseen circumstances may arise, cancelling an Instant Rent booking should be done sparingly. Cancellation policies may vary, but it's generally expected that bookings should be honored once confirmed. Cancelling frequently may affect your reputation as a reliable host on the app.
  • How do I register my parking spot on the Loop parking app?
    To register your parking spot, simply navigate to the app's add spot details page and follow the instructions to add your driveway or private parking space.
  • How can I rent out my parking spot using the Loop app?
    Once your parking spot is registered and got approved, you can easily rent it out by scheduling it. You can be flexible on your schedules, but make sure to add a min. buffer of 30 minutes in-order to avoid time conflicts with renters . Interested users can then book and pay for the spot through the app.
  • Should I need to update my address in Loop parking app, if I change my location ?
    Yes, it is important to update your address in the Loop parking app if you change your location. This is necessary to ensure the accuracy of your listings and to continue using the Instant Rent and SpotSwap features effectively. By updating and getting your new address approved, you can maintain an up-to-date profile and maximize the benefits of the app's features.
  • Can I exchange my parking spot with someone else using the app?
    Yes, the Loop app offers a feature called SpotSwap that allows you to exchange your parking spot with another user. Simply search for available spots nearby, initiate a swap, and confirm the booking.
  • How does the SpotSwap feature work?
    SpotSwap simplifies parking exchanges by enabling you to find and swap parking spots with other users. Search for free spots nearby, click "Swap," and confirm the booking. Your residential parking spot will be automatically opened for the same duration.
  • Can I still use the Loop parking app without SpotSwap Subscription?
    Yes, the Loop parking app offers various features and services beyond SpotSwap. Users can still utilize the app for parking reservations, navigation, and other functionalities, even without a SpotSwap Subscription.
  • Can I share my SpotSwap Subscription with others?
    SpotSwap Subscription is tied to the individual user's account and cannot be shared with other users. Each user will need to subscribe individually to access the benefits of SpotSwap.
  • How to confirm or cancel a scheduled parking spot?
    Two hours before the scheduled time, you will receive a confirmation notification for your spot under Open Spot page in the app. You can then either confirm or cancel the scheduled spot. Once an open spot is confirmed, it cannot be canceled.
  • How can I track my earnings from renting out my parking spot?
    All your earnings will be visible in your Loop app wallet. You can easily access your wallet to monitor your earnings and choose to cash out or redeem the cash while parking somewhere else using Loop parking app .
  • Is there a minimum balance requirement for cashing out my earnings?
    To cash out your earnings, your wallet must have a minimum balance of $50. You can withdraw funds up to that amount. However, there is no minimum balance requirement for redeeming your earnings while paying for parking. Enjoy the flexibility of using your earnings without any restrictions when it comes to parking payments.
  • Where can I find my upcoming and past parking reservations?
    Your upcoming reserved parking spots can be found on the "My Parking" page in the app. Similarly, your past parking reservations are accessible in the "Past Bookings" section.
  • Why I don't see the complete parking address ?
    The complete parking address is not visible until after the confirmation of your booking or swapping. Once your booking or swap is confirmed, you can find the complete address in the "My Parking" page along with the Booking ID and any other parking instructions. This ensures that the address is shared securely and accurately only with users who have confirmed reservations or swaps.
  • Can I contact the host directly for any inquiries or updates regarding my parking reservation?
    Yes, the Loop app provides an option to chat directly with the host. You can use this feature to communicate and address any questions or concerns you may have.
  • Are there navigation options available to help me reach my reserved parking spot?
    Yes, the Loop app offers built-in navigation options to assist you in finding and reaching your reserved parking spot conveniently.
  • What if there are any damages, issues or stolen item ?
    As a host, it's essential to provide accurate descriptions and images of your parking spot on the app. If any damages or issues arise, it's recommended to resolve them with open communication and cooperation. In severe cases, Loop parking app may provide support and guidance in resolving disputes. Disclaimer - In the case of damages, issues, or stolen items, it's important to note that Loop will not be liable for any incidents or losses. Both the host and the renter are responsible for taking appropriate actions to ensure the safety and security of their property and belongings. Loop provides a platform for facilitating parking rentals but does not assume responsibility for any damages, issues, or theft that may occur. It is recommended that hosts and renters communicate clearly, follow any safety guidelines provided, and take necessary precautions to mitigate risks.
  • What is SpotSwap Subscription?
    SpotSwap Subscription is a feature offered by the Loop parking app. It provides users with enhanced capabilities for parking exchanges, allowing them to swap their parking spots with other users instead of paying for parking.
  • How does SpotSwap Subscription work?
    SpotSwap simplifies parking exchanges by enabling you to find and swap parking spots with other users. Search for free spots nearby, click "Swap," and confirm the booking. Your residential parking spot will be automatically opened for the same duration.
  • How much does SpotSwap Subscription cost?
    SpotSwap Subscription is currently available at a promotional price of $9.99 per month for early adopters, originally priced at $20. By subscribing to SpotSwap, users can enjoy continuous access to the feature and its accompanying benefits.
  • What are the benefits of SpotSwap Subscription?
    SpotSwap Subscription offers exclusive benefits, including the ability to exchange parking spots instead of paying for parking. Users can enjoy free parking in any location within the city, maximizing their convenience and cost savings.
  • Can I use SpotSwap without a subscription?
    No, SpotSwap is a premium feature that requires a subscription. To access the benefits of parking exchanges and free parking, users need to subscribe to SpotSwap.
  • Can I cancel my SpotSwap Subscription?
    Yes, users have the option to cancel their SpotSwap Subscription at any time. However, please note that the cancellation will take effect at the end of the current billing cycle, and no refunds or partial refunds will be provided.
  • Is SpotSwap Subscription available in all cities?
    Currently SpotSwap feature is only available within Toronto city, But Instant Rent feature is available everywhere.
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