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How to find free and cheap parking spots in Toronto city.

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Free parking in Toronto is rare, Those who manage to find a free parking spot in Toronto, can involve the risk of getting a massive fine, or being towed away from the downtown core.

So, Are you tired of circling the streets of Toronto in search of affordable parking spots? Look no further apps like Loop Parking App and Green P could help you. These apps are changing the parking game in Toronto, making it easier and more affordable to park your car.

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Loop Parking app offers a unique solution to the parking problem in Toronto. Not only can users search and reserve parking spots, but they can also choose to either rent out their spot or exchange their residential parking spot with a simple swipe. The SpotSwap feature allows users to exchange their residential parking spots for free parking spots anywhere in the Toronto city. Additionally, the InstantRent feature lets users rent out their driveway when they’re not using it, generating extra income for themselves. This app has the potential to reduce traffic congestion and increase the utilization of parking spots without any added infrastructure cost.

Green P Parking app, owned by the City of Toronto, operates hundreds of different parking facilities across the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). These parking lots offer some of the lowest parking rates in town and are subsidized by the government. With the Green P app, users can easily locate these parking lots and pay from their phone no need to touch parking meter.

Also, with the InstantRent feature in the Loop Parking app, users can rent out their residential parking spot while they parked in a Green P lot or while they are away from home, earning extra income instantly, It’s that simple and easy to use.

In conclusion, finding free and cheap parking spots in Toronto no longer has to be a hassle. With Loop Parking and Green P Parking apps, users can easily locate, pay for their parking from phone or reserve affordable parking spots, exchange their residential parking spots, and even rent out their driveways for an extra income.

Say goodbye to the frustration of parking in Toronto and hello to a hassle-free parking experience.


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