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Parking is getting more expensive in big cities like Toronto. 
SpotSwap helps users to exchange their private/ residential parking spots and park for free 

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Unlimited Free Parking

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Introducing new parking culture to major Canadian cities








Quebec City

Join SpotSwap for just $9.99 per Month

How it Works

Step 1

Join SpotSwap


Sign Up Loop parking app and join SpotSwap community and list your residential spot for swap, when you are not using it.

Step 2

Schedule Time


Schedule a potential time when you can open your spot for swap. For example, 9 -5 when you go to work.

Step 3

Search Spot to Swap 

Use SpotSwap, when you search a spot to park, and park for free. Your private spot will also get opened automatically for swapping.


Step 4

Reserve your parking spot 

Search and find the desired spot and click swap to reserve the spot. Get directions and instructions on where to park.

And Enjoy Free parking

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Subscription Plan

Enjoy free parking for the whole month for the cost of one parking 

Join now for 2 month free trial  |  Limited offer 

Basic Plan

$ 9.99 


- Free parking

- Save more money

- Unlimited swapping 

- Reserve parking

- More offers 

- New parking culture

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Join Our Community

Cancel anytime  |  No commitments


Launching Soon 

Parking Lot Reservation 

Users can find available parking spaces in their desired parking locations. Save time by searching parking spots using our app. Then reserve, pay, and secure your desired spot. App also helps you to route the best way to the parking spot. Saves time and effort. Our smart parking lock secures your parking spot.

Once you are near the parking lock, it automatically detects your vehicle and lowers the parking barrier, and lets you park securely.

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